Little Miss Tidy

Little Miss Tidy

We went to the park this morning and as soon as we got there, while I was getting Sophia into the stroller, Bella managed to step into the nasty black mud at the edge of the parking lot. It rather smelled as if the local ducks had made messes in it. She freaked out as it oozed into her sandal and wanted me to clean it off. So I pulled off the shoes, put her barefoot into the stroller and we set out for the bathroom where I cleaned the shoes and Bella’s feet in the sink.

Yesterday she insisted on getting a towel to wipe off her feet after she’d poured dirt onto them while she was shoveling it from the flowerpot into her little pail. I’m guessing we’re not going to be making mud pies any time soon.

Later, on the playground Bella busied herself picking up the empty boxes (from those little gunpowder-filled poppers boys like to throw) someone had left on one of the benches, carrying them to the garbage can one at a time. And when we got home she immediately noticed some spilled food inside the kitchen door.

Now if I can only find a way to harness these proclivities for tidiness….

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  • Oh, the shame! After enthusing about the book it is still sitting there unused :(. Thank you for the timely reminder that Cherub would love to get stuck into some of those projects. Aiming at one activity a week sounds a good plan.

  • And here I was envisioning you and the Cherub engrossed in all sorts of fascinating projects and feeling guilty that I wasn’t more on the ball. smile

    Maybe if we both post about our endeavors we can have fun comparing notes and inspiring each other.

  • OK, you’re on! A bit of mutual inspiration and encouragement is just what I need wink. We will start next week, as I’m taking Cherub to the zoo today (I bought a pass, so I’m making use of it whenever the weather is good and I have the car), and Friday is our busiest day.