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Rust Stains

Last week our hot water suddenly ran rusty for a day or so.I noticed it when I was filling the washing machine for a soak load of Sophia’s clothes. Unfortunately, the clothes were in and the washer full before I noticed the strange dark color of the water. Needless to say, I didn’t soak them […]

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Book Review: A Cry of Stone

It seems I’m going to read Michael O’Brien’s Children of the Last Days series completely out of order. But that also seems to be fine as so far each of the books has stood on its own. A Cry of Stone only seems to connect incidentally as far as characters go, though thematically it’s of […]

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A Mother’s Prayers

I recently found this prayer tucked away in the back of my Liturgy of the Hours volume. I must have printed it off from some website, but I have no memory of doing so and thus don’t recall where I found it. But I’ve started praying it every morning at the end of my morning […]

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That was odd

Well, after I administered the Tylenol, Bella’s fever went down fairly quickly and she really perked up. She spent some time eating frozen grapes on the couch and drinking ice water while watching Madagascar and I was preparing to settle in to sick-nurse mode for the long haul. But before the movie was over she […]

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Sick Bella (Updated)

My girl who never gets sick is running a 102 fever. We came home from the bank this morning and rather than running about on the porch with her usual abandon while I sat and read, she stood near my chair and whined—not fussing for anything, just whimpering. We came inside and she curled up […]

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Finding Faith on the Web

A great article from Jen is up at Inside Catholic: Google and Ye Shall Find: The Internet and the New Evangelization: Having a background in Web site development and marketing, and having observed Internet culture for years, I believe a strong case can be made that the particular type of communication that the Internet facilitates […]

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