“The Mother of All Plot Twists”

“The Mother of All Plot Twists”

This blog post, Sunday’s on it’s way is a beautiful reflection on the meaning of Easter. (Or one of the meanings at least.) And how it relates to The Sixth Sense:

God is, of course, the Author of the human story, the Dramatist who created this world that famously is all a stage. Most monotheists would agree with that, at least in some sense. Now, Easter tells us what kind of story God is writing it is a mystery novel and a thriller and a romance all rolled into one, but most especially it’s the kind of novel where you can’t tell what’s going to happen next. It turns out that the infinite God is not unlike M. Night Shyamalan the moment when the Resurrection happened is exactly like the moment the audience realizes that Malcolm is himself dead, only more so. The second time through The Sixth Sense the entire story is different from the first time you watched it, because you know the great central secret: Malcolm is dead. And for Christians, the second time through the story, as it were whether it is the story of one’s own life and apparently pointless sufferings, or the New Testament story of the disciples cluelessly tagging along behind Jesus without ever figuring out what he was talking about, or even the second time through the Old Testament the second time through, the entire story is transformed, because you know the great central secret: Jesus is alive.

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  • Dear Melanie,
    Thank you so much for sharing this link.

    The gift of the body for another and its relation to Christ’s gift of Himself is an idea that has been on the edge of my consciousness throughout my current pregnancy (and even before, during some particularly painful nursing moments with baby number 5). I have been thinking of it as part of the mystery of motherhood. Philangelus puts it into words so beautifully.

    I can’t help thinking that it relates to your current frustration with your inability to get out and enjoy the springtime, as well. Your posts about that show that you know you must give up your desires in order to heal and more quickly become a more able mother to your daughters. In your frustration and your resignation to patience with the situation, you are uniquely united with the suffering and sacrifice of Christ.