Stained glass

Stained glass

I loved this image from Pope Benedict’s homily at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NY:

I would like to draw your attention to a few aspects of this beautiful structure which I think can serve as a starting point for a reflection on our particular vocations within the unity of the Mystical Body.

The first has to do with the stained glass windows, which flood the interior with mystic light. From the outside, those windows are dark, heavy, even dreary. But once one enters the church, they suddenly come alive; reflecting the light passing through them, they reveal all their splendor. Many writers � here in America we can think of Nathaniel Hawthorne � have used the image of stained glass to illustrate the mystery of the Church herself. It is only from the inside, from the experience of faith and ecclesial life, that we see the Church as she truly is: flooded with grace, resplendent in beauty, adorned by the manifold gifts of the Spirit. It follows that we, who live the life of grace within the Church�s communion, are called to draw all people into this mystery of light.

This is no easy task in a world which can tend to look at the Church, like those stained glass windows, “from the outside”: a world which deeply senses a need for spirituality, yet finds it difficult to “enter into” the mystery of the Church. Even for those of us within, the light of faith can be dimmed by routine, and the splendor of the Church obscured by the sins and weaknesses of her members. It can be dimmed too, by the obstacles encountered in a society which sometimes seems to have forgotten God and to resent even the most elementary demands of Christian morality.

via Father Z who has the text o the entire sermon as well as some of his usual very insightful commentary.

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  • So cute! (and a real reminder that they are watching all we do).  It does evolve into the real thing—my older two cooks now help me regularly in the kitchen.  Although the other day I turned my back too long on my three year-old (who had just helped me make chocolate pudding) to find she had made a delicious concoction of raisins, water and cornstarch.  Yum!