I saw the first daffodils of the season yesterday. And some robins too. Spring must really be here.

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  • Hey Melanie,

    Last year I began reading Home Comforts and began cleaning the whole house once a week. I’ve never been a good homemaker myself, especially in the cooking dept. – I just don’t know enough. Anyway, this cleaning schedule worked well in my later pregnancy and shortly after Felicity was born and she was sleeping a lot. A month or so ago, I realize it didn’t work anymore. With Felicity being awake more and Cecilia feeling attention-deprived and acting out because of it, I cut it back so the whole place gets cleaned once every 2 weeks. I’m sure some women out there can clean their whole home every week, but in my current circumstances I simply have to remember that “A Home, Clean or Dirty, is to be Lived in” (my mantra whenever someone dirties what I just cleaned) and being the perfect housewife and homemaker includes making time with my daughters a priority but keeping a clean and sanitary home for them follows closely behind.

  • I just bought that book!  I’m only a few chapters into it, but it has totally changed my attitude!  The information (and the inciting to learn) about they “whys” of housekeeping has been extremely interesting and motivating.

    And… Elizabeth’s post was part of a series?!  I have a lot of reading to do.  Just that one post that you link to was huge for me!  (yes, it really doesn’t take much…)