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The rabid possum in the outhouse

Last night Dom and I were just discussing the perennial topic of what is wrong with the state of catechesis in this country and what can be done about it and why most diocesan programs won’t work. Then this morning I stumbled across today’s internet gem: Fr. Philip Neri’s Three Year Plan for Faith Formation. […]

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On Great Books Programs

In a holding pattern. Nothing new to report from the home front, so I decided to do some digital housecleaning and see what things I’d meant to blog on that had fallen through the cracks. From the “I meant to blog it; but never finished the post” archives: This past fall I discovered a great […]

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Still Waiting, Nesting, Musing

Today we (meaning Dom) pulled the bassinet up from the basement and set it up in our room. I unpacked some of the baby clothes from the box and put them in the nice new baskets we got yesterday expressly for the purpose, the ones we’d used for Bella’s clothes having since been re-purposed. Likewise, […]

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