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Vocation Station

Jen links to Vocation Station, a wonderful vocations blog which has collected a great assortment of vocation videos and links to other resources for those discerning the call to religious life. Some of the videos seem to have been produced by the various orders, others to be products of secular media. For example, there was […]

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Our Easter

We had a quiet but joyful Easter this year, the first Easter in many years I’ve been able to spend with my parents. My dad flew in Saturday night and we had a simple dinner of Dominos pizza, much to Isabella’s delight. Sophie didn’t really care. I missed going to the vigil, of course, but […]

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“Desi Cool Bum”

Bella’s latest preoccupation has been diapering her dolly. Previously the dolly wore a diaper but mommy and daddy were responsible for putting it on and “fixing it” when it came off. But the diaper came off during the time I was in the hospital and never was replaced. In the last day or two though […]

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The Power of Christ’s Blood

From today’s Office of Readings, an excerpt from the Catecheses by St. John Chrysostom. If we wish to understand the power of Christ�s blood, we should go back to the ancient account of its prefiguration in Egypt. �Sacrifice a lamb without blemish�, commanded Moses, �and sprinkle its blood on your doors�. If we were to […]

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Toddler Moods

Bella is currently engaged in scraping imaginary snow off her chair with a plastic pear, “Snow off, snow off,” she says (just like mommy scrapes snow off the car). Then she climbs into the chair, “Shut the doors. Go. Bye, bye.”  She’s got her purse, her bag with keys in it and an expired insurance […]

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Elizabeth Foss writes: “Some year, I’m actually going to get to pick my Lent. ” I know exactly what she means. I realized early on that I wasn’t going to get to pick my Lent this year. The third year in a row when I’d be pregnant or nursing and so extreme fasting would be […]

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Parenting with Love and Discipline

Over at The Bonny Glen Melissa Wiley is hosting a fascinating discussion about parenting from a Catholic perspective. I was especially interested in this comment where she elaborated a bit on the connection she sees between unschooling and Catholic belief: I had a lot to think through (am still thinking) about how unschooling and Catholicism […]

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Two Weeks

Sophia had her two week check-up this morning and weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz. She’s gained an entire pound since her appointment last Sunday! No worries about this little one’s appetite. And she sleeps too! I am so lucky. Bella was a little apprehensive; but I’d made sure to repeat all morning that […]

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