Our Easter

Our Easter

We had a quiet but joyful Easter this year, the first Easter in many years I’ve been able to spend with my parents. My dad flew in Saturday night and we had a simple dinner of Dominos pizza, much to Isabella’s delight. Sophie didn’t really care. I missed going to the vigil, of course, but it just wasn’t going to happen this year.

We woke up early Sunday morning and managed to make it to 8:30 mass. Sophia was the center of attention after mass, as expected. Then we had a nice breakfast, Isabella got an Easter basket with a bunny from Grandma, a couple of balls, a small wooden cow, some plastic eggs, and of course plenty of paper grass that soon was scattered all over the house. Success. My mom also gave Dom and I a chocolate bunny each. Yum, yum!

My dad took Bella for a long walk to the playground and while they were out Dom’s sister decided to come by. She’s been meaning to come and meet Sophie but with four kids and a busy homeschooling schedule, something seemed to always come up whenever she was headed over. (As it was the three year old fell asleep in the car on the way over so my brother in law spent most of the visit outside with him.) The girls had fun playing with Bella’s toys while they waited for her to come back and my niece Kateri (6) got to hold Sophia for a minute.

Isabella was in heaven when she got back, though she’d fallen asleep in the stroller on the way home. She dove into the thick of the crowd of cousins, a bit overwhelmed though to see them playing with her toys. She’s still got to learn how to share with others. 

We had a nice dinner of roasted leg of lamb with mint yogurt sauce, roasted purple potatoes, acorn squash, zucchini with tomatoes and basil, and a green salad.

I spent the evening working on putting together a prayer book for Bella. More about that later.

My mom left early this morning. My dad will be here for another couple of weeks. Sophia slept from 11:30 last night until 5:15 this morning. I woke up exclaiming, “Poor Sophia!” But had to wake her up to eat. So different than her sister.

It wasn’t an exciting day; but I realized that I am very blessed to have my family around me, though of course I missed those who were absent very much. The Lord has been good to us and we are filled with joy.

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