Still Life with Pink Stapler

Still Life with Pink Stapler


My mother put the flowers from the Chancery (Dom’s office) on the bookshelf directly across from the recliner that has become my nursing nest. Its a nice arrangement to contemplate if I ignore the messy mail basket.

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  • I know! Those diapers need a security flap on the back or something. Yesterday Felicity dirtied 5 diapers and two already so far this morning. I just gave her a bath yesterday and yet her diaper this morning went through her onsie, pants and got the changing pad cover!
    Run for it! lol

  • Cherub’s new favourite word: Again! Closely followed by More!

    Cherub’s favourite game: Hide and Seek (big sisters run into another room, Cherub runs after them, big sisters jump out)

    We don’t do phrases yet wink.

    And please could Sophie give Cherub some sleep lessons? The longest she managed last night was 3.5 hours :(.

  • the curious thing is that some of the most explosive ones actually have less volume than some that remain contained. Now that I think about it though, it seems that they are more likely to explode out the top when the baby is in the swing or bouncy seat, so maybe it has to do with angle and obstruction.

    So far I’ve only been tempted to use duct tape on dolly’s diaper. Though that has not disappeared seemingly without notice. It came off one day while I was in the hospital and didn’t get replaced. And Bella still hasn’t asked about it. So at least I’m not fixing the diaper every five minutes as well as diapering Sophia!

  • Poop explosions defined scientifically:

    Velocity X Volume = inches/second

    I used to think about wrapping duct tape around the tops in my more sleep deprived moments.  Of course I never did, but it did make me smile.

    Love the pictures of your daughters.  Your posts encourage me to stop and remember similar moments…can they truly be ten years ago, because it only feels like three at the most… grin