Scenes from a lazy Sunday

Scenes from a lazy Sunday


Bella’s been saying “Dada home. Mama home.” I think she’s happy to have us back. And I’m so happy to be here cuddling my baby in my comfy chair, napping in my own bed, eating yummy food from my own kitchen.


She’s fascinated with Sophia: “Phia eye. Phia hat. Phia arm…. “

“Phia cry. Don’t cry, Phia.” (Said even when Sophia is sound asleep.)

“Phia nap,” she says as I nurse Sophia. And she’s lifting up her shirt to press her dolly against her belly while saying, “Dolly nap.”


Bella hurt her foot climbing to reach the shelf. She sat down and kissed the bottom of her foot. I guess I’m glad she can be self-soothing.

I think she’s so much more articulate in just the past week. She’s becoming quite good at listening to new words carefully and then mimicking the sounds. This afternoon she made a creditable attempt to say lasagna: “sagna.” And she’s definitely craving the mommy attention, climbing on the couch next to my chair and begging bites of whatever I’m eating. Such as lasagna.

Meanwhile Sophia just eats and sleeps. And poops.

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  • Isabella is starting to look older—more like a “big girl” and not so much like a baby.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re a big sister. smile

  • Yes, she really is, isn’t she.

    I was starting to think so before the birth; but now the contrast is so striking.

    I changed Bella’s diaper today for the first time since I came home (my mom lifted her onto and off of the changing table for me) and was stunned at the size difference between my two girls. Bella is definitely not my baby any more.