Bach Does the Trick and Other Updates

Bach Does the Trick and Other Updates

First, thank you so much to everyone who has left a comment and especially for all the prayers. Right now I feel so wrapped in a blanket of love, so connected to the Body of Christ. That’s one reason I’ve been blogging here from the hospital, because I feel this blog is a connection not to a bunch of strangers peering into my private world but to my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ who so generously shower me with their love and their prayers. All of you who have visited this blog in the past few days have performed a work of mercy, visiting the sick. Not exactly corporal because you’ve only been with me in spirit, and yet your presence has eased my journey and lightened my load considerably.

It’s been a good day. I got the dressing taken off, had the iv pulled out and then took a nice long shower, washed my hair for the first time in days. Felt so much more human.

Sophia and I were able to get a very nice nap this afternoon and I feel so much better now. Amazing what refreshment sleep brings. Dom took Bella home for lunch and a nap while my mom stayed with me and Sophia. Sophia was being very cranky and I was afraid we’d never sleep. But I put some Bach on my iTunes, snuggled the baby against my shoulder while I started to check my email, and that did the trick. She drifted off and then I drifted off and my mom guarded the door and sent away all the nurses and other visitors (including our parish priest who’d stopped by to say hi after his physical therapy—but he came back later this evening as I was eating my dinner, which worked out much better anyway).

My mom brought a fresh baked loaf of Amish friendship bread (my sister-in-law gave me the starter last week, which I accepted in one of those late pregnancy fits of thinking I am super woman and of course I’m going to have time to tend to this starter and bake bread in the coming weeks!) It was very, very good. Bella’s been snacking on it all day. We’ve even been giving pieces to some of the nurses, who after all are all very nice and only trying their best to do their jobs, even if sometimes their timing stinks.

However, there is a little cause for concern. Sophia is running a fever, 100.5. They’ve called the pediatrician in and are doing blood tests to see if there’s any problem. Other than the fever, though, and a little crankiness, there is no reason to suspect anything major is wrong. Say some prayers, though, that nothing turns up. I’ll post more when we get the test results.

Dom went and got some Chinese food for us. We’re waiting and watching a little tv. Hopefully we get to go home tomorrow.

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  • Melanie,
    I haven’t left a comment previously, but I have been praying for you and your family and especially the new arrival.  Reading your last post prompted me to comment because I do feel like a little part of your blog community.  Congratulations to all of you.  May the blessed mother keep you sheltered under her mantle.

  • I have been reading you and Dom for about three years now but don’t often comment.  However, I wanted to delurk and say congratulations!  I am so excited for you both and have been coming back a lot during the last couple of weeks to hear the big news!  She’s beautiful.

  • Hoping that you get to finally bring that sweet girl home today.  You’ll find nothing is as peaceful as your own bed, nursing your baby and reading to your Bella…oh, I how I fondly remember those days! I’d be nursing Daughter #2 and reading and re-reading to Daughter #1.  And it was LOVELY…

    Best wishes and lots of prayers.

  • Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new daughter! You are all in our prayers as you recover and for a quick return to health for Sophia.  May our Blessed Mother be with all of you as you bring her home.