She’s Here!

She’s Here!


Sophia Therese arrived at 4:30 this afternoon. She is 6lbs 15oz, 19 inches.

She arrived by c-section, a little bit of a disappointment; but we’re both safe and healthy.  (Turns out her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice and had a knot in it to boot.) The delivery itself was very rough; I kind of had an anxiety attack of some sort during the surgery. But recovery seems to be going faster. I’m already much more mobile scootching around in bed than i was at the same time with Bella.

Sophia is already a champion nurser; when they brought her to me in the recovery room she latched right on and started sucking away. She nursed on both sides then fell asleep on my chest. We snuggled for a bit. Then she went back to the nursery for a bath while I got a sponge bath.

Now I’m in my own room and she’s back for round 2. She’s got great wide eyes, much more alert now. Her face is a little narrower than Bella’s, I think, and her chin is very pointy. I’m having a bit of dry toast and some chicken broth. Yum! My first meal in 24 hours.

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