Scratch it off the list

Scratch it off the list

In one of those late-pregnancy bursts of inexplicable energy I finally conquered the heaping mountains of baby clothes yesterday. Now all the clothes I plan to keep are neatly sorted into 4 clear plastic bins (0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-18 mon) and those bins are clearly labeled and neatly stacked in the back corner of Bella’s room. I even sorted through Bella’s drawers and pulled out all the clothes that are now too small for her and put them into the appropriate bins as well.

All that remains is one bin and bag of 2T-4T stuff that I picked through last fall to pull out winter clothes for Bella. There are some fall/winter clothes I just wasn’t excited about that I left in the bag (they need to be sorted out and donated) as well as some spring/summer clothes that she might be able to wear in the coming months once all this pesky snow goes away.

And of course there are the five bags full of baby clothes that I need to give away to people who need them. So I’ll be calling the local crisis pregnancy center to see what they’ll accept and then probably giving the rest to our parish St. Vincent de Paul Society, which has a thrift store in the church basement.

Naturally, that burst of activity did me in for the rest of the day. But as the ticker above suggests, I’m starting to feel the pressure a bit: get things done, there isn’t much time left. If my feet weren’t so swollen and my back so sore, I’m sure I’d be doing much more every day. As it is, my body just refuses to keep going after a certain point. Which is probably a good thing.

One curious note. Last night when it came time for bed I couldn’t find my nightshirt anywhere. I’m positive I took it off and folded it at the foot of my bed as I do every morning. So did I accidentally pack it away with some of the baby clothes I was sorting on the bed? Did Bella carry it off somewhere? I’m completely baffled. I’ve searched the house to no avail. And I had to wear one of Dom’s t-shirts to bed last night.

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