New Phrase, New Phase?

New Phrase, New Phase?

Today’s new word of the day from Bella: “Mama, go now!” as she runs to the back door and tugs on the handle. It’s definitely a cognitive step up from her previous, “Go, go!”

I didn’t realize she understood “now” and “later”. But I guess she does understand me when I say, “We’re not going now, we’re going later.” And today she wanted no part of it.  I’d told her earlier that she’d be going to visit her cousins later while I went to the doctor. She must have thought she’d waited long enough.

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  • The skill of eating and the skill of sitting down are sometimes learned separately. My husband and I are still working on that with our two and a half year old son, Patrick. Food on the go seems to work well. Good luck!

  • RCM,

    That’s one reason I love reading mom blogs, so reassuring. There have been many times I’ve realized something Bella does is not just her but other people’s toddlers do it too.