Successful experiment

Successful experiment

I made pizza for the first time tonight, sheet pan pizza. It was really good, if a little thicker than I expected. The recipe called for a bigger sheet pan that I had and the dough rose more than I expected. The crust was more than an inch thick. But the flavors were really good. Next time I think I’ll use two smaller pans.

I paired the pizza with my new favorite salad: watercress with apples and avocados and a orange-lime vinaigrette.  Yummy.

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  • Sexual intimacy clouds a couple’s judgment of their relationship, preventing them from reaching the objective assessment essential to discerning an authentic vocation to marriage.

    —A good quote to remember. I’ve seen this apply sadly to friends. They start a relationship by meeting someone attractive and sleeping with them, and then they find themselves a couple. The relationship lasts anywhere from months to years before they realize -oh, we’re not at all compatible. But yet they expect the process to work for them next time around, to find someone they really are ‘meant for’ by sleeping with a cute stranger and going from there…and the cycle gets repeated. It’s sad and strange that it’s so hard for people to see how blinding sex outside of marriage is. And this is becoming the normal relationship pattern in our society, or maybe already is, which is insane.

  • Why do you say that Erland died in sin? He lived remarkable penance at the end and I’ve always thought that he had a better grasp of his defects than Kristen ever did. Btw, I’ve read it four times (every five years) and every time my impressions of each character change significantly.