Not Exactly Back in the Swing

Not Exactly Back in the Swing

Getting settled in, doing laundry, restocking the pantry. Discovering that while the new hot water heater has been installed, it hasn’t yet been inspected and therefore cannot actually be used.

Supposedly the inspector comes tomorrow. I hope so. Last night there wasn’t hot water for a shower and I fell quite grungy tonight and not very hopeful that the water will be any warmer than last night when it was really too cold to bathe.

On Monday night the floater arm on the toilet broke just before I was about to step into the shower and the bathroom floor was suddenly awash with water while I was too bewildered to do anything more than stare and yell for help. Dom fixed that last night; but in the meantime we had to manually turn on and off the intake valve to refill the tank.

It’s been one thing after another. I went to the grocery store yesterday but forgot to check the freezer and assumed we still had chicken. Then discovered when it came time to make dinner that all we had was one bone-in chicken breast that I had to slice off the bone to get the makings for our Thai curry.

Today I had an OB checkup and locked my keys, cell phone and diaper bag in the car. I borrowed the phone when I checked in and called Dom, who would have been leaving work soon anyway. Bella had nothing to entertain her during the wait and during the appointment and then we had to wait another 40 minutes after my appointment until Dom showed up. At least once the appointment was over I was able to entertain her with the fishes and turtles in the office’s atrium.

Bella is very phobic about three things: vacuum cleaners, elevators, and doctor’s offices. Today she got the trifecta.  This morning I vacuumed up the needles from the Christmas tree that Dom and I dismantled and put out on the curb last night. This afternoon she had to face the elevator.

And then she started screaming as soon as the nurse took us through the door and into the hallway.  She didn’t even wait until we got to the exam room. She’d calm down a bit and then started up again each time we moved to a new location, from the bathroom for the urine sample to the nurse’s room for weigh in and blood pressure, to the doctor’s exam room. Fortunately all the staff were very understanding and patient with her. Poor thing.

So I scrapped tonight’s dinner plan and we went for burritos, using a two for one coupon.

I really hope tomorrow goes more smoothly.

Oh, and did I mention that my doctor was shocked that I gained 6 pounds in the past two weeks? Sadly, I wasn’t really very surprised. All that good Tex-Mex and BBQ. Not to mention that my parents seem to think they need to stock up on desserts when the kids are visiting from out of town. My will power goes out the window when confronted with cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, etc.

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  • Melanie, she is just adorable! smile
    Re “diggle diggle,” I can remember my kids being able to make noises as toddlers that they wouldn’t be able to replicate now—I wonder if it has anything to do with their being more ‘flexible’ linguistically at this age.

  • Melanie,
    What joy!  It brings me back to my babies.  Thank you for sharing that joy.
    Bella is precious.  You’ve shared something wonderful.

  • That is the cutest—I was giggling by the end. And I understand about wanting to video all of these moments—we do the same with our 13 month old son. Hooray for cute babies/toddlers@!