Bella Memoranda

Bella Memoranda

The way she says “Diggle, diggle” when she’s happy. No idea what it means. It seems to be just a contented noise.

The way she knew how to get to the playground on our second day here. Grandad took her out the front door and she headed off running in the right direction.

Her profound delight when I announce unexpectedly that we’re going to go. (Go where? It doesn’t matter. Anywhere.) Shrill shriek followed by hand clapping and other happy sounds.

The way she asks for a piece of cheese after I’ve given her a slice of bread.

Diaper-clad toddler running from the bedroom where she’s sleeping to the room we’re in (where the suitcase with her clothes is) saying “Get dressed!”

Growls and purrs and barks and mews and pffff sounds for elephants.

Soon, too soon, she’ll outgrow many of these. I don’t want to lose them.

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  • “It’s the sad fact of Texas life.”

    Alas, don’t I know it! I was taking allergy medications in elementary school and getting weekly allergy shots too. On the other hand, I never used an inhaler regularly until I moved to Massachusetts.

    I did get a much better sleep last night after a saline sinus wash, though.