Off to a slightly better start

Off to a slightly better start

Anticipating (dreading!) a repeat of yesterday morning, I went to bed last night before 11. Woke up at midnight to a neighbor’s whoops and firecrackers.

Bella did wake up at 4 again; but I was more prepared this time. I let her cry for about 20 minutes, hoping she’d go back to sleep, and then crept into her room armed with Tylenol and Orajel. I told Dom to stay put, no sense in giving her any more stimulation than necessary. I closed the door behind me and then fumbled around to find the too-bright for sleeping night light and plug it in. No letting her out into the hall again.

I dosed her with the medicine and calmly told her it was the night and she needed to go to sleep every time she asked to go or asked for daddy. I sat down on the bed and held her and rocked her until I could see that her eyes were getting a bit heavy. Then I tucked her back into the portacrib with her blanket and dolly and sippy cup. The secret to quashing protests at this point,  I’ve recently discovered, is to tuck their own blankets around the piggy and dolly. This always distracts her (or amuses her?) I left her cooing to her toys and didn’t hear another squawk.

No only did she sleep the rest of the night, we actually had to wake her at 8 to get ready for mass.

I’m reading this as a hopeful start for the new year.


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