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A Question about Madeline

Dom posted this question on his blog and it’s been bugging me too, so I’m reposting it here. I really hope one of my readers has an answer. Quick question: In the �Madeline� books by Ludwig Bemelmans, is Miss Clavell a nun. Is that a habit she�s wearing? Or is it some kind of headmistress […]

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Swans and Swings and Happy Things

Bella and I have been experiencing the January cabin-fever blahs. We did get out for a short outing on Tuesday to a local park we hadn’t visited before; but the playground equipment was really too big for her and there was too much snow on the ground for her to really run and play. Today […]

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Book meme

This one’s been going around and though I was crossing my fingers and hoping I’d be overlooked, literacy chic has tagged me. Which book do you irrationally cringe away from reading, despite seeing only positive reviews? Irrationally? Me? I’m always rational. While I can’t think of a book I’m currently cringing from, I know I […]

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Successful experiment

I made pizza for the first time tonight, sheet pan pizza. It was really good, if a little thicker than I expected. The recipe called for a bigger sheet pan that I had and the dough rose more than I expected. The crust was more than an inch thick. But the flavors were really good. […]

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The Meaning of Work

Some interesting insights into the way the meaning of work has been distorted in our culture at Aimee Milburn’s Historical Christian blog. First, she passes on a critique of feminism by F. Carolyn Graglia: . . . prior to the feminist revolution not even men understood work as a way to self-fulfillment, an end in […]

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Savory Breakfast Muffins

Dom leaves the house by 6:30 most weekday mornings. Now I love him dearly; but I’m not a morning person. Not only do I not get up to make him breakfast, I usually only grunt and roll over when he comes in to kiss me goodbye. (Yes, he always comes in to kiss me goodbye […]

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Ice Cream Emergency

Julie D. linked to this great story at Sigmund, Carl and Alfred: A father wanted to find special ways to bond with his daughter. Fathers think about that sort of thing. Anyway, what this father did once a month was to have an �ice cream emergency.� What the father did was wake his daughter up […]

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Book Meme

The Bookworm tagged me for this meme, which I’ve done before, in May of ‘06, a few weeks before Isabella was born; but I feel like playing again. The two different books (from ‘06 and today) seem emblematic of the two stages of my life, and of all the changes that have occurred in the […]

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