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Dreaming of Snowy Forests

Today was overcast and cold and so the snow that continued falling last night is still coating all the power lines and the tree branches and the tops of fences. It’s magical. Even our street still is covered in snow, the plows seemingly having given up on trying to bare the asphalt. As I was […]

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Phone Foibles

This morning as I was bustling about getting ready to leave, I had to send Dom an instant message asking him to call my cell phone, which I know I had last night but had been swallowed by the couch cushions. Then we spent a busy morning going to Target for diapers and a few […]

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Snow Adventures

As I might have mentioned before, I woke up this morning to find that it was snowing yet again. It was coming down pretty heavily; but I had an OB appointment. So we started getting into our coats and boots about an hour and fifteen minutes before. Then we made our way out to the […]

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Someone is Coming…

The perfect nativity story book for Isabella arrived in the mail this week: Who Is Coming to Our House?. Simple rhyming sentences make it a perfect read-aloud. And read it aloud we have. She can handle ten or twelve times in a sitting (probably more, but that’s about mommy’s limit). The animals in the stable […]

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Letting Go

Yeah Christmas cards aren’t happening this year. It’s not only the time and effort; but also the expense. And I really wanted to have one with a cute picture of Bella enclosed and, well, yeah not so much. I feel a bit guilty every time I open a card from a friend or relative. Especially […]

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Prayer Request Update

Please continue to pray for my mother-in-law. Dom writes an update on his blog: My mom�s situation has gotten even more serious. Her doctor is going to have to open up her knee tomorrow or Thursday; not just arthroscopic surgery, but the real deal. He�s looking for one of two situations. Either the strep infection […]

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