One of the best things about my parents’ house, as far as Bella is concerned, is that it has two stories. She absolutely loves going up and down the stairs.

What I love: when she wants to go up the stairs, she comes and gets me. She doesn’t just start climbing. It took me a while this afternoon to figure out what she was saying, her version of the word stairs not being one I recognized. Finally, when she got to the very whiny and insistent stage, I stood up and asked her to show me. She led me right to the foot of the staircase and then headed up.

What makes that particularly funny is that she is fearless when it comes to climbing on playground equipment and going down slides (as my dad can attest, she went down the highest slide when he took her to the playground today). So I don’t think it’s fear or caution. I prefer to think it’s concern for her mother’s sensibilities. Which I greatly appreciate as these steps are very steep and my heart always leaps when I see her teetering on them.

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