Free Rice

Free Rice

You know you’ve been playing too much Free Rice when your husband looks at the rice-encrusted toddler at the end of the meal and quips: “That’s about a dozen correct words.”

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  • I don’t feel so bad reading that you are just now decorating.  I have felt so frazzled, rushed, and disconnected this month and was almost not going to put up any decorations.  I live alone and I wasn’t planning on entertaining and even though I enjoy looking at the tree and lights, I keep thinking “what’s the point?”  But I have felt vacant and empty.  So I will put them up this weekend, at least something.  I can’t stand it when people start decorating Thanksgiving weekend (or even before!).  It makes me think that they can’t even enjoy one holiday without rushing to the next. 

  • I totally agree about people who decorate at Thanksgiving. I prefer to decorate later and have my decorations and tree up through the Christmas season. In my family we always celebrated the feast of the Epiphany by exchanging gifts among ourselves (at Christmas we got gifts from Santa and maybe opened the box my grandmother sent), so I’ve always felt that Christmas doesn’t end at sunset of the 25th.

    I think it is good to put up at least a little something for yourself, even if you don’t have anyone else to see it. For me the point is welcoming Christ the newborn king into my home. The festive decorations remind me to welcome him into my heart as well as my home.

  • Yes, I totally agree and thank you for encouraging me to keep the focus where it belongs!  One of my friends said that it is all about honoring our Lord, after all.  And THEN, how sad is it when people take down their decorations on December 26??!  I’ve always left mine up until at least Epiphany and sometimes longer.