“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

For once the weathermen were right. They predicted it would start snowing around noon and, sure enough, at about 12:45 we saw the first flakes falling outside. We’re expected to get at least six inches before six this evening.

Bella and I timed it perfectly, we’d just come in from our morning errands and I’d just plopped her in the booster seat to enjoy some mac and cheese when we spotted the first flakes. “Look, Bella, it’s snowing!” I exclaimed. “Noce, noce,” she replied, getting a bit confused by the novel word.

Dom timed it just perfectly too. He left work before the snow even started, saw the first flakes about halfway home, and made it in the door before it had been snowing for half an hour.

Now we’re enjoying an unexpected treat: daddy at home. Or I’m enjoying it. Bella’s napping now. But maybe when she wakes up she can go out and play in the snow while daddy shovels the walks.

Meanwhile, I’m going to put on some Christmas carols and make a mug of hot cocoa.

No, Dom and I did not consult each other before writing our blog posts. Just more evidence that I married the right guy.

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