8 Random Things

8 Random Things

Karen Hall has tagged me. i don’t like memes, being put on the spot tends to bring out the worst in me. I don’t do memes. Or, rather, I tend start them and never actually finish or post them. But for some reason I feel compelled to at least try this one and I might actually be able to come up with 8 things.

Rules: Each tagged person must post 8 random facts or habits about themselves on their blog. At the end of the post, choose 8 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they are tagged and to read your blog. Have fun!

1. I am 5 foot 11 inches tall.

2. I haven’t had a haircut since before Bella was born and my hair is now the longest its ever been in my life, reaching down below my waist (if I still had a waist for it to reach to).

3. I really, really, really don’t like movies with talking animals. Or anthropomorphic animals. Including Disney movies like Cinderella… love the movie, can’t stand the mice. And I hate it when people’s heads are pasted to other people’s bodies (like that elf thing that is going around).

4. After college I worked for almost two years doing billing for a group of psychologists.

5. I know bits of Latin, French , Italian, Gaelic and Spanish.

6. I once fell asleep on an Italian train, the last train of the night out of Rome, missed my stop, and was driven back to campus by the husband of the very nice Italian woman who told me I’d missed my stop. (It took them almost an hour out of their way.)

7. I love Irish music, traditional and new. (Though there are many songs played on the American pub circuit that I can’t stand.) I’m a huge fan of the Pogues (though I’ve had to pull them from my iTunes playlist because most of their songs are not Bella-friendly.)

8. When I was a kid, my dad called me the “children’s book consultant” for his Catholic book store.

I won’t tag anyone, so you can breath a sigh of relief if you were worried about seeing your name here. But if you really want to play, consider yourself tagged.

There, I did it. Karen, I hope you’re happy.

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