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Why am I awake?!?

The last two mornings Bella woke up at 6 and 6:30. Annoying, but understandable. By her internal clock, after all, that was 7 and 7:30. “At least she’s not getting up at 4,” Dom said. Famous last words. This morning. 4:30. Screaming child. I wait, hoping she’ll turn over and go back to sleep. No […]

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One of the best things about my parents’ house, as far as Bella is concerned, is that it has two stories. She absolutely loves going up and down the stairs. What I love: when she wants to go up the stairs, she comes and gets me. She doesn’t just start climbing. It took me a […]

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It’s good to be in Texas

Bella is loving Texas! We had a good travel day yesterday, despite a few hiccups. Our plane was delayed departing and then we had a 120 mph headwind the whole way, so it was a long flight. But Bella was remarkably good. I won’t say she didn’t fuss at all—that wouldn’t be good, that would […]

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The Liturgy of the Hours in the Home, Christ in Our Hearts

Elizabeth Foss, homeschooling mother of eight, writes about incorporating the Liturgy of the Hours into her day: If John Paul II warmly recommended it, that works for me. There was no caveat against mothers praying the Hours or no warning that it is not intended for households with children under three. Just a warm recommendation. […]

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Prayer Request

Via my sister in law, from a mom in the local Catholic homeschooling group: Can you please ask the prayerline to storm heaven with prayers for Jadan and her family.  As her mother was snowblowing the driveway Jadan somehow fell into the snowblower!!!  She is on life support at Children’s Hospital.

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Christmas Roundup

I hope everyone is enjoying a blessed Christmas season. So far ours has been lovely, if a little busier than I might have liked. We had a quiet version of the Sicilian custom of the feast of seven fishes on Christmas eve. We had four fishes and a wonderful feast it was: lobsters, shrimp cocktails, […]

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Isabella and another Snowy Day

After we got home with the tree, Isabella decided she really didn’t want to go back into the house. She wanted to take a walk. In fact, she started off down the sidewalk by herself and whined so much I took pity on her, thinking she’d tire out soon. She didn’t. She made it all […]

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