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Happy Thanksgiving

I just returned from a lovely walk with Bella on a perfect foggy Thanksgiving morning with red and yellow leaves still proclaiming the final days of autumn. She insisted on walking all the way to the elementary school by herself while I followed after with the stroller. She knows the way, turns at the correct […]

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I think it’s finally safe to say that Bella is fully weaned. And here at the end it wasn’t nearly the traumatic process I thought it would be. It seems like she was ready and it just kind of happened. Now when it’s time for nap or bed we read a few books then if […]

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It’s snowing

Ah, the first snowfall of the season! It started while we were at the grocery store this morning. We could have held out till tomorrow but I didn’t want to fight the crowds. Even today I noticed more people than I’m used to seeing at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning. We came out into a […]

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more on Waking Rose…

…and Regina Doman’s other fairy tale novels…. Speaking of Regina Doman, author of Angel in the Waters, I received a lovely email from her last week thanking me for my previous review of the most recent of her young-adult novels, Waking Rose. In the comments to my review of Waking Rose, a reader asked me […]

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Children’s Books: Angel in the Waters

We just received the lovely picture book Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman and it’s quickly become a favorite with Bella. I love it too, though I’m having a hard time getting through it without bawling. Partly the pregnancy hormones, I’m sure, but also because it is such a beautifully told, gorgeously illustrated story. […]

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Bella Miscellania

Bella is currently engaged in giving her dolly drinks from her sippy cup. It is so cute! I didn’t show her how to do that. She’s started saying “gosh”. Yeah, I guess I do that. We got a blueberry pie at church this morning, the Dominican nuns were having a bake sale. Bella’s my perfect […]

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Quick Chicken-Noodle Soup

Poor Dom is sick. One of the great things about his making big batches of chicken stock, though, is that I can make him home-made chicken noodle soup in less than half an hour. I chopped up a little onion, carrot and celery and sauted in a little olive oil while the stock was defrosting […]

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A Pleasant Surprise

Bella and I came back from our walk this morning to find Dom had cleaned the microwave and was in the midst of cleaning out the refrigerator. He’d located the source of the really foul odor: bad cheese. What a wonderful husband! Of course, he then proceeded to give Bella his birthday card to play […]

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Family Time

Bella was in heaven tonight. This afternoon we went to watch my nephew Peter play in his final football game of his freshman year. Afterward we joined the extended family for pizza and Chinese food. Lots of cousins, aunts and uncles and grandma, food, noise, good cheer. And did I mention all those toys…. My […]

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One of those days

O that I had wings like a dove to fly away and be at rest. So I would escape far away and take refuge in the desert. I would hasten to find shelter from the raging wind, from the destructive storm, O Lord… The major downside to spurts of energy like that I had on […]

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