Thanksgiving Update

Thanksgiving Update

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, despite battling illness. My sister-in-law, Carol, laid a fantastic feast: Turkey, two kinds of stuffing (with and without sausage), cranberry sauce, two kinds of potatoes (roasted and mashed), green bean casserole, green peas, corn, mashed turnips, brussels sprouts, carrot souffle, sweet potatoes, rolls, and cornbread. I had a little bit of everything and was stuffed.

Bella got to sit at the kids’ table for the first time. She did quite well except for the fact that the chair kept sliding away from the table and she kept wanting to wander about with her fork in hand. After dinner she went crazy playing with all the toys in the playroom (my sister-in-law runs a daycare and has the best toys!)

I had a brief phone call to catch up with my brothers, interrupted when Bella (who aftger all only had a half hour nap yesterday morning) had problems sharing the play strawberries with her cousin, Chiara. I guess Thanksgiving is not the best day for long phone calls with family.

After dinner we went to Dom’s other brother’s house for dessert. We had a birthday party complete with helium balloons and all the nieces and nephews were wild and crazy.

Sadly, by the end of the day we were all wiped. I struggled to stay awake driving home while Dom snored in the passenger seat and Bella, initially excited because we let her watch Finding Nemo, (FISHIES!!! Hi fishies, hi fishies, hi fishies!), was snoozing herself by the time Marlin and Dory met up with the sharks.

I should have had a light dinner, but my stomach rebelled and I threw up instead. Too much dessert? My stomach doesn’t have as much room as its used to having, I still haven’t re-adjusted to how much room Sophia is taking up. I went to bed with a headache that lasted all night and poor Dom slept on the futon again so he wouldn’t wake me up with his coughing.

We both love turkey leftovers (aren’t they the best part of Thanksgiving?) so I bought a small bird that we’ll probably cook tomorrow along with some of my favorite traditional Thanksgiving sides: stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Then Dom can take turkey sandwiches to work next week.

Today I’m cleaning house and doing laundry and maybe I’ll even take a stab at sorting through some of those baby clothes after Bella gets up from her nap.


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