I think it’s finally safe to say that Bella is fully weaned. And here at the end it wasn’t nearly the traumatic process I thought it would be. It seems like she was ready and it just kind of happened.

Now when it’s time for nap or bed we read a few books then if she’s still awake I cuddle and rock her and sing a few songs. Then I put her down.

For naps I always put her down asleep, she doesn’t do the falling asleep quietly on her own in the daytime. At night I put her down awake only about half the time. When she’s awake, she usually doesn’t go gentle into that good night. She stands up as soon as I put her down and cries at the crib railing as I leave. But she doesn’t cry for long and she sleeps all night long. It’s funny that, because I’d got her to the point where I could put her down awake after nursing for a while and she wouldn’t cry or fuss. Sort of one step forward and another step back.

She rarely asks to nurse now. Only an occasional query, usually NOT at nap or bedtime. And I shake my head sadly and say, “Sorry Bella we don’t do that anymore.” And she drops the subject and goes on to something else.


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