One, two buckle my shoe…

One, two buckle my shoe…

Isabella insisted on putting on her black patent leather shoes when I’d finished changing her diaper. As I buckled them, I chanted the nursery rhyme and reflected on how appropriate it is for her right now.

3, 4 shut the door…. check. She opens and closes them all day long

5, 6 pick up sticks…. check. She’s obsessed with sticks and leaves and rocks

7, 8 lay them straight…. check. She puts them neatly on the bottom step of the porch

9, 10…. well, she’s not so into the big fat hen. She really likes sheep and cows and pigs, though

11, 12 dig and delve… let me tell you about how hard it was to pull her away from digging in the pothole in the cemetery the other day.

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