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A New Obsession: Gloves

From what I understand most babies and toddlers don’t like to wear hats or gloves. Bella loves them. She’s been begging me to put her gloves on and wears them around the house. Also she can put on her favorite knit hat (made by my sister) by herself and frequently wears it all day.

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Random Thoughts (mostly about food)

1. Claritin. I love it. I’ve been suffering from my allergies since near the beginning of my pregnancy. Seriously, people were avoiding me in church, saying, “I know you have a cold,” when I knew very well I’ didn’t. Extreme congestion, so much mucus! Thank goodness for Puffs with lotion! Also lots of wheezing. I’ve […]

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Passed out on the floor

Bella is NOT one of those children who just drop and sleep wherever they find themselves. In fact, even when she was an infant, I think there was only one time that she ever fell asleep while rolling around on the blanket. Even now that she’s not nursing to sleep anymore, Bella still needs to […]

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Bella’s Still Sick

We went to the pediatrician today. Boy did Isabella scream when I led her into the exam room. Guess she’s got a good memory of those shots. She has fluid on her ear; but it’s not infected. She was running a fever; but I guess that’s just the cold. Dom’s still sick. He has been […]

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Sick Bella Update

Definitely sick. Last night we’d just sat down for dinner (our own private turkey feast so we could have the leftovers all this coming week) when Bella came into the room and started circling the table, whining (she’d already had her dinner while we were still cooking). Soon she declared: “Bath! Fishies! Wash!” and ran […]

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Sick Girl

I think poor Isabella is coming down with Dom’s cold. She’s got a bit of a cough this morning. She fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store, not unusual in itself, but woke up half an hour later, more unusual. I tried to give her lunch and she just picked and whined […]

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Bagels and Sour Cream?

This morning I was still a little woozy I guess from the last dregs of my headache. I had spread four or five pieces of bagel with sour cream and Bella had eaten two of them before my tired brain finally processed the funny too-soft texture and I realized I’d grabbed the wrong carton from […]

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Thanksgiving Update

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, despite battling illness. My sister-in-law, Carol, laid a fantastic feast: Turkey, two kinds of stuffing (with and without sausage), cranberry sauce, two kinds of potatoes (roasted and mashed), green bean casserole, green peas, corn, mashed turnips, brussels sprouts, carrot souffle, sweet potatoes, rolls, and cornbread. I had a little bit […]

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