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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The other thing I accomplished during my busy Labor Day weekend was finishing the final installment of the Harry Potter series, sent to me by my kind sister.  I must confess that I started reading without much enthusiasm. I was a little tired of Harry and just wanted to get to the end so I […]

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Judgement Call

When we got back Sunday night we forgot to plug the baby monitor back in. And then Monday night we forgot again. And so it has gone every day since. I’ve been sleeping in a little later. Isabella still wakes up and screams at around six and again around seven; but falls back asleep until […]

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Monday’s Odyssey

Sunday night saw us arriving home after dark and pouring a tired Bella into bed. But our Labor Day weekend adventures were not over yet. Monday morning saw us up bright and early and on the road by 9:30 on our way to Newport, RI and an appointment with fellow blogger Karen Hall who was […]

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Waking Rose

I must confess I always feel more than a little trepidation when someone I know offers to show me something they’ve written. My extreme perfectionism is a character flaw that I strive to overcome; but I find it almost impossible, even for politeness’ sake, to ignore the flaws in a piece of writing and to […]

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A Weekend in Maine

We went to Maine this weekend, to visit Dom’s mother and his sister, Francesca.  We left early Saturday morning and returned late Sunday evening. On Saturday afternoon Bella had a great time when we stopped by a farm stand, just up the road from their house. They had a small petting zoo and she got […]

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