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Field Trip!

My sister-in-law, Evy, is great at calling for last minute trips to fun places. This morning she sent me an im, asking if we’d like to join her, the kids, and another mom for a trip to the farm. I didn’t have any plans for this morning, so why not. This was a great place […]

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A Few of Our Current Favorite Read-Alouds

Recently Isabella has acquired a few new favorite picture book read-alouds that I don’t mind re-reading (so far) because the pictures are beautiful and the text isn’t annoying. I’m glad she’s picked some new ones because I was really ready for a change. I know that finding new, interesting books for the toddler set can […]

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Reading in the Stroller

Walks are one of Bella’s favorite things. She usually gets very quiet; too busy taking it all in to talk. (Unless she sees a dog or cat, of course.) But today she spied some toys and a book in the bottom basket of the stroller where it got thrown some time ago. And had to […]

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Spic and Span

We couldn’t leave the house for most of the day because we were waiting for the delivery man to come with the heating oil. (Yay for hot showers!) So stuck in the house I was suddenly overwhelmed by the terrible state of my kitchen. It’s actually been bugging me for days now but there’s just […]

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Archbishop Chaput on Education and Christ

The historian and poet Robert Conquest wrote that a central flaw of the twentieth century was the addiction of educated men and women to �big ideas� divorced from reality and results. In a healthy mind, big ideas get tested against reality. If they don�t work, they get dumped. But the lunatic mind breaks and reshapes […]

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Learning and Falling

Watching her baby take his first steps, falling, getting up, trying again, homeschooling mom, Sara ponders what we can learn from babies who are not afraid of failure: What if you and I were graded on a daily basis, on each task laid out before us? Overcooking pasta might earn us a C, while forgetting […]

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Bella and the Rocking Horse

I took this short video a while back, I think at the time I was taking pictures of my new glider. Finally got it downloaded from the camera and online. Isabella had just figured out how to climb aboard her rocking horse all by herself. With the new rocker, though there isn’t a whole lot […]

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Repetition and Faith

I found this story from Kathleen Norris posted at Wittingshire and wanted to remember it. Also, thought maybe someone else might like it too. Excerpt: Worship itself thus became the major instrument of my conversion…. I recently read an article that depicted a heated exchange between a seminary student and an Orthodox theologian at Yale […]

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