Apple Picking Video

Apple Picking Video

While I was taking snapshots last Sunday, Dom was wielding the video camera. He put together a lovely little video that captures the whole day quite well from a riotous trolley ride (we took up a whole car) to goodbye hugs from the cousins while Bella squeals.

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  • It is one of the things I love best about living in New England. Though there are days when I’d trade it all to be able to get chicken enchiladas verde whenever I wanted (which would be at least once a week.) The big trade-off is that you simply can’t get good Tex-Mex around here. As my parents remind me quite frequently.


  • yummy yummy fresh fruit! that’s certainly something we can’t get here…. there are strawberry pickings around and remnants of wild grapes occasionally …. i’m sure you’re looking at some more GREAT applesauce (that’s not a hint to bring some, being pregnant and watching bella skip and run breathlessly is a lot of mitigating circumstances)…..

    What a delightful set of pictures… artsy? yes but… yummy yummy!