The Joys of Cousins

The Joys of Cousins

Yesterday we went to a family party for my niece Catherine who will be five tomorrow and my nephew Peter who will be 15 on Wednesday. As usual it was a lot of fun. Dom has a great big loud Italian family and they know how to load a table with good food and how to enjoy eating it and celebrating life with friends and family.


Isabella was in heaven with so many aunts and uncles and cousins to dote on her and so many new toys to play with. She especially had fun with her little cousin, Cecilia, who is just six months younger than she is.


The two little girls rolled cars around and Cecilia pulled some out of a basket while Bella tried to take them all away and put them into her own basket. We still have to work on that whole “sharing” thing.


Cecilia is a hugger and tried to give Bella a hug, which Bella didn’t know what to do with. Bella in turn is just learning how to give kisses and tried to kiss Cecilia who leaned away. A good effort by both cousins. I am so glad that Bella will have a cousin who is just her age to grow up with.


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  • Thank you, Melanie.  I am teaching my son’s first grade CCD class this year and have printed this out for reference.

  • I was the Children’s Director at our church over the past year and a half, and we did a 6 week unit on the Lord’s Prayer during Sunday School…it is precious to see the children not only memorizing it but LEARNING it…taking the words into their hearts and understanding them, even at a child’s level…and then during Mass, when they hear the prayer, it’s almost like for the first time, and they participate!!!

    Teaching them to sing the Lord’s Prayer is also beautiful…my 3 yr old dd can belt out a version my hubby plays on the guitar, and they’re quite the duet!