Scrapes and Other Adventures

Scrapes and Other Adventures

Poor Bella. We went out for a walk this morning and she tripped int he driveway while I was getting the stroller out of the car and fell right on her forehead. She screamed loudly as I scooped her up and headed back into the house for some first aid. I think by the time we got to the door she was no longer screaming because of the pain, though, she was just mad that our walk had been aborted. Soon I had the scrape swabbed with alcohol and smeared with antibiotic ointment and we were ready to resume our little adventure.

The flash reflects off of Bella’s scraped forehead as she eats some lunch.

We had a pleasant walk, seeing our friends the Greek family in passing. When we stopped by to visit Our Lady of Fatima on our way home. Bella had to say hi to Mary and Jesus. While admiring the lovely statue, Bella became fascinated with Mary’s toes. Then she played with the flowers and finally decided she wanted to walk home.

Just last week she learned how to hold onto my hand while she walks. So we made our way home, me pushing the stroller with one hand while Bella clung to one of my fingers with one of her hands and trotted along beside me. Her other hand was clutching tightly to her ball. Predictably, the ball was dropped many times during the block and a half back to the house. The last time it rolled into the street and I had to pick up my little explorer to keep her from running after it.

I guess her adventures tired her out because as she was eating her lunch, Bella’s eyes grew heavy and her head started to nod. As I was doing some dishes she started to howl and I knew lunch was over and it was time for a nap. I picked her up and held her for a second and she went right to sleep.
This is a first for my little girl. She never goes down for a nap without nursing (unless she falls asleep in the car or in the stroller.) I don’t know if it’s a one-time thing or the sign of her moving to a new stage. But this is the last step in weaning, which I want to accomplish some time before the new baby shows up.




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