The Sleep Equation

The Sleep Equation

Doesn’t it just figure? Now that I’m finally getting over the extreme first-trimester exhaustion, Isabella is finally moving to a later sleep-wake schedule? When I was so tired it hurt, she was rising at 5:30 or 6 am. Now that I’m feeling more energetic and finding myself able to actually skip a daytime nap, she’s shifting. Today she woke up at 7:30, and we were almost late to the 8:30 mass as a result. On Saturday she slept to the grand hour of 8:30 and it was sheer bliss for both dom and myself to actually sleep in and then be up before the baby.

Of course, it isn’t a complete coincidence. We’ve been gradually pushing her bedtime back so now we’ve finally got her going down at around 8. Tonight I realized that she’s made the internal shift as she was still quite awake and chatty during our bedtime prayers and didn’t even ask to nurse until we were done. She didn’t fall asleep nursing, either. I put her down fully awake, tucked her in, and then, once she’d arranged her stuffed pig, sippy cup and blankets to her satisfaction, she was quite calm and ready to sleep.

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  • I’m with you on O’Brien’s book. I remember reading it some time back and thinking, “What am I supposed to do?! Is EVERYTHING subversive and harmful?”
    It makes me think of Young Goodman Brown, you know?