It Makes Me Mad

It Makes Me Mad

When parents let their kids break the rules it makes things so much harder for other parents.

This we walked to the local school to see if the new playground was open yet. It wasn’t. Still festooned with caution tape and several signs warning people not to use the playground until the caution tape was removed.

Of course there were also three children there playing on all the equipment. And two adults (I suspect grandparents, actually, not their parents) were there “supervising”. Meanwhile, I had to push poor Bella right past and take her to the much less glamorous soccer fields to run around. Fortunately, she didn’t protest too much. She was much more upset that we didn’t have the ball with us today.

But I was hot under the collar. What was the lesson those three kids learned today? That rules are for other people? That caution tape doesn’t apply to me? Did they even pause for a second to think about the kids’ safety now or at a future date when they ignore warning signs?

Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent a minute. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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  • My two older daughters had a couple of Barbies each. What did they use them for? Holding gymnastics competitions! Long, complicated, gymnastics competitions. As you say, a few bits of the branded stuff are OK, though I make an exception for Bratz, which are not allowed through the door. Ugh!

  • I think I’d have to draw the line at Bratz too. Actually, unless someone gives Isabella a Barbie, she won’t have any of those either. I never did nor did my sister and I’m not terribly fond of them.