Cracking the Dawn

Cracking the Dawn

We’ve been wondering why Isabella keeps waking up crying at 5:45 every morning, except on the weekends. I’ve finally got a theory: the upstairs neighbor leaves for work at 5:45. Isabella’s crib stands against the outside wall, right next to their stairs and back door. (The way our house is designed both apartments use the back doors and not the front.)  So I’m thinking Bella is hearing the upstairs neighbor come down the stairs and shut the door.

The thing is we can’t move her crib. One wall is all window, with the radiator under the windows. Another wall has the closet door and door into the kitchen. The third wall would put her crib next to the bathroom and she’d then be hearing Dom get up to take his shower, not really solving the problem.

So I guess there’s really nothing to be done except get used to waking up at the crack of dawn. 

I’d add that our upstairs neighbors are really not loud and I don’t think it would be a problem except that the sun is already up and so she’s just close enough to waking that small noises will wake her up. Just frustrating because I know she would sleep later if left to her own devices.

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  • I love this melanie and know just what you mean. These are the best moments of life. There were no plans and there is no photographer, but they are the most memorable events of all.