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At the New Playground

I took these pictures yesterday of Bella playing at the new playground, built just last week at the local elementary school. I’m pretty sure kids are meant to stand on this and bounce. Miss Bella looks so dainty sitting there while I bounce her up and down. She couldn’t decide if she was going up […]

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An Unexpected Dip

I am sad that summer is fading to a close. But excited too because now that the pool is closed we can go back to our favorite park (parking is for town residents only as long as the pool is open). We made a quick trip yesterday afternoon and went back this morning for a […]

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My Bookworm

Before I had Bella,  and indeed before she became interested in books, I somehow always imagined that when reading with my child I would be the initiator. “Do you want to read a book?” I’d prompt. And she’d come running to sit in my lap, to pick one from the pile of books I had […]

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On Education

Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed had this quote on education (originally from NRO’s Corner). It was too good not to copy over. I love Father Rutler’s dry wit and this is a great example of the same. Plus, of course, the nuggets of truth. Delightful. “I’d encourage your youngest one to abandon kindergarten altogether. […]

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“Awakening the Moral Imagination”

Pulled from my drafts folder. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while; but have been busy with other things and hadn’t got around to finding pull quotes. I found this excellent article called Awakening the Moral Imagination: Teaching Virtues Through Fairy Tales by Vigen Guroian via The Common Room blog and have been […]

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The Sleep Equation

Doesn’t it just figure? Now that I’m finally getting over the extreme first-trimester exhaustion, Isabella is finally moving to a later sleep-wake schedule? When I was so tired it hurt, she was rising at 5:30 or 6 am. Now that I’m feeling more energetic and finding myself able to actually skip a daytime nap, she’s […]

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Stations of the Cross

Check out Dom’s photos (taken back when we were just dating and finally uploaded to Flickr) of the lovely illuminated stations of the cross from the chapel at St. Edmund’s Retreat Center on Ender’s Island at Mystic Connecticut. I fell in love with these stations when we were on retreat there and looking at these […]

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Two photos of my favorite subject

This morning we spent some time out in the yard, despite the 90 degree heat. I swung in the hammock, Dom sat nearby in a chair, Bella ran around and got into everything. At one point she cuddled with me in the hammock for a while. Dom snapped this picture with his cell phone. After […]

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Halloween: What do you think?

A reader writes: I know last year you and I and some others got into an interesting discussion on Santa Claus. And yes, I know it isn’t even September yet but you know the commercial secular world can’t wait to push the next holiday merchandise. I’m already seeing Halloween decor and such on sale and […]

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Child’s Play

Just had to mention this good opinion piece in the New York Times that addresses the panic over the Chinese leaded toys: Parents are in distress, but there may be an answer that is better than despair and less expensive than a wholesale conversion to an American-made inventory. It requires a leap of faith, a […]

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