Dom and I are chatting on instant messenger and he asks if we received a FedEx package today. I popped my head out the front door and, sure enough there was a package. I stepped out to grab it and the front door slammed behind me: Bella!

I was annoyed but not worried until I tried the knob and it didn’t turn. Evidently the front door locks automatically.

Bella started screaming as soon as the door shut. She hates when I’m on the other side of the door.

I felt like screaming too: “Bella! Bella!” I pounded on the door. But of course she couldn’t manage the knob or open it. Panic! I don’t have my keys or cell phone in my pocket. My baby is all alone in the house and Dom isn’t due back for at least 2 hours.

I know I locked the back door when I put the stroller, abandoned after the toe incident, onto the porch before I went down for my afternoon nap.

Can I break into the house via a window? Fortunately it’s summer and most of them are open. Most of them, though are very high up. The house has an elevated foundation and both front and back porches are reached by stairs.

I ran around the house, looking at every window with a new point of view: that of a housebreaker. All of them are impossibly above my head. Meanwhile, Bella is screaming inside the house and my heart is pounding. Adrenaline is pumping.

Finally I come to the back porch and the small window above the kitchen sink. I can reach that one if I overturn the empty flower pot. I pull up the screen. So glad it wasn’t locked. Carefully but quickly removed all the bottles on the windowsill, setting them on the counter at either side of the sink. Calling to Bella all the while who I can still hear screaming in the living room: I’m in here, Bella!

I am so glad this happened now and not in say six months when I will definitely not be flexible enough to slither in through a small window. I left big muddy footprints on the sink and jumped down to grab my daughter who had by then toddled into the kitchen, though she was still screaming, scared. I held her closely to my chest, had just enough presence of mind to reach back and close the screen before I staggered into the living room to collapse in my favorite chair and recount the story to Dom.

Bella whimpered when I went back on the porch to grab the package, foot firmly planted in the door this time so she couldn’t slam it. Good, I wish she’d be permanently scared of slamming doors—especially when mama is on the other side.

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. A big thank you to our guardian angels. And you can bet I’m never going outside the house without keys again. Even if it’s just to get the paper.


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  • Oh I am so sorry. I have heard the horror stories from women who spend part or all of their pregnancy in front of the porcelain throne. I have never had to endure that and count myself very lucky! Take care and try to keep fluids down so you don’t dehydrate. Try some ginger capsules or see if you can take the supplement only at night.

  • I’ll pray that the low progesterone doesn’t bode ill, and that the supplements stop making you sick.

  • You certainly have had couple of eventful days
    with your toe injuries, morning sickness and then the lockout scare.  Sometime I’ll tell you about my adventures with the same subjects.

    I loved the description of the garden you saw and the couple.  That reminds me of Dom Sr.‘s parents when they lived in Boston and then Cambridge.  What a garden they had!

    Well at least I will be praying for you still.

    God Bless


  • Melanie,

    I’m about half way through my second pregnancy and while my last one only required prenatal vitamins, for this one my progesterone level had been 11 when it was tested so I was on progesterone supplements until I was about 13 weeks. Fortunately they did not make more sick – just more hormonal. Maybe a different brand or something could help reduce the sickness? You’d have to ask your doctor though as I have no idea.

    Hope you feel better though.

  • I’m really not surprised that I got so sick. I was pretty ill when I was pregnant with Bella too. I threw up almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day) for more than 2 months, finally getting so bad they put me on an anti-nausea medication. I’m hoping that if this violent nausea continues I might be able to get more of that.

  • Melanie,

    I’m so sorry it got so bad with Bella. Considering this PG you are trying to keep down important hormones, it would probably be good to ask about that anti-nausea medicine sooner rather than later. So sorry. I had nausea for a few months daily but I have a very strong stomach and rarely throw up so I have not had to with either pregnancy. Hope you feel better.

  • Another thing you might ask about is the progesterone cream. You put it on various pulse points on different parts of the body. Many women tolerate much better than the pills, and it can get as much progesterone into your system as the oral version.

  • Sadly, I know exactly how you feel.  I had to take Prometrium with my second baby, and it made me so dizzy that I barely got off the couch for a month, and when I did, it was generally to change a diaper and then drop to my knees in front of the porcelain.  Thankfully, once the placenta is formed, you don’t have to take it any more.  So just think of getting to the “finish line” of that first trimester.  It always helped me to think of the end of it.  Best of luck and prayers coming your way!

  • Ask your doc about vaginal progesterone – there are suppositories, cream, and gel. Injections are also an option.  I’ve prescribed them all for various needs. 
    You need to get two books, also.
    No More Morning Sickness by Miriam Erik, and Beyond Morning Sickness by Ashli McCall

  • I know my sister in law has taken the suppositories. She has to take progesterone for every pregnancy (she’s had 3 miscarriages). I do plan to ask the dr.

    Thanks for the book recommends. I can’t remember the name of the one I got from the library; but I didn’t like the style and didn’t find it very helpful.

    One of the most frustrating pieces of morning sickness advice I’ve seen, while I’m on the subject, is about controlling morning sickness through diet. Sounds very well and good… until you factor in food aversions, of which I have many. There are some foods if I even look at them when pregnant, I feel ill. Especially greens. Right now I can barely manage frozen broccoli and a romaine salad. Cooked greens are completely out, though. And who knows what will be next.