Lazy Days of Summer

Lazy Days of Summer

Blogging from the hammock, under the magnolia tree. Sunny and breezy. A perfect day. Sitting in the shade I’m neither too warm nor too cool.

Bella’s down for a nap. Dom’s baking bread. When I went into the house to fetch a glass of water just now, it smelled heavenly. Now my stomach’s rumbling at me: I want bread!

A little island of quiet, relaxed, contemplative, carefree. Peaceful. It won’t last, of course. Soon the baby will wake. I’ll have to go to the grocery store. Ugh, I hate the grocery store on Saturdays, but I have to get the ingredients for the mango salsa we’re signed up to bring to the parish picnic tomorrow.

I just drew a sketch of the magnolia’s truck and wrote a little reflection on magnolia trees. I’ve decided to start nature journaling, an idea I’ve been tossing around for some time now; but I’ve finally actually pulled out the paper and put pencil to it because I got this gorgeous book in the mail yesterday: Keeping a Nature Journal: Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing the World Around You. I can’t praise this book enough. The moment I picked it up, saw the gorgeous illustrations, I fell in love.

Anyway, I’m savoring the moment, especially the feeling of accomplishment, of embarking on a project that I thought i might never get around to. Maybe I’ll even scan my sketch later. Or not. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to cross post my nature journals to the blog. Maybe I’ll just post the photo journals to the blog and keep the drawings to myself. Depends on how much I feel like learning how to deal with the scanner. Maybe if anyone shows any interest, it will inspire me.


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