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I rejoiced when I heard them say…

…Let us go the the house of the Lord I think I’ve mentioned before that whenever we pass by the church around the corner Bella insists on stopping to visit. This afternoon when we went for a walk with granddad it was no different. As soon as she saw the church she started straining in […]

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Popular Literature and the Moral Imagination

  I incline to the shocking conclusion that it is just the literature that we read for amusement, or purely for pleasure, that may have the greatest and least suspected influence upon us. It is literature we read with the least effort that can have the easiest and most insidious influence upon us. Hence it […]

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Imaginative Play

At every waking hour Willa writes a great blog post (with what look like interesting links that I haven’t followed yet) on “pretend play”: Once at Early Intervention, a mom brought in her 2 year old for evaluation while Aidan was doing occupational therapy in the same room. The little boy was doing imaginary play […]

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More on Reading Aloud

This was an interesting piece I stumbled upon sometime in the past weeks, I no longer remember how, in my wanderings around the blogosphere. It’s a chapter from a longer work called The History of Reading by Alberto Manguel. The excerpted chapter is called “The Silent Readers” and is a fascinating survey of the historical […]

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Abstinence Education and the Meaning of Sex

Although I firmly believe that young people should be taught to reserve sex for marriage, there is one area where I’m in agreement with the opponents of abstinence education: abstinence means nothing unless one understands exactly what it is. To that point, I would add that to understand what abstinence is, one must also understand […]

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The Most Demanding Part

“Although both together are parents of their child, the woman’s motherhood constitutes a special part in this shared parenthood, and the most demanding part. Parenthood—even though it belongs to both—is realized more fully in the woman, especially in the prenatal period. It is the woman who pays directly for this shared generation, which literally absorbs […]

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Reading Aloud and Nausea

There are going to be physical details discussed in this post which the weak of stomach may not like. If you don’t like such things, pass on. You’ve been warned. Recently reading aloud has become very difficult, almost impossible. You see, it makes me sick. That’s right sick. As in I throw up. It’s because […]

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Crawling again

in the past couple of days Bella’s been doing some crawling across the kitchen floor. She crawls a bit and then dramatically flops down on her stomach. But there’s something very different about the way she crawls now compared to the way she crawled just a few months ago. Now she crawls like a little […]

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