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One smart cookie

The reason we keep the paper shredder unplugged: this morning I found Bella trying to feed an envelope she’d pulled out of the trashcan into the shredder. Then she found a picture of food in her book and brought it to me saying, yummy, yummy, yummy. I guess it was snack time. Just in case […]

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Does Anyone Else’s Child Do This?

Recently Bella has taken to throwing temper tantrums. When she’s frustrated or upset or not getting her way she sits down on the ground and hits her head against the ground. Very deliberately. Just one knock. Or maybe two well-spaced ones if she continues to not get her way. And sometimes she looks startled and […]

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Happy First Day of Summer!

I didn’t know today was the first day of summer when I made plans to join my sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, and a bunch of their homeschooling group for an outing at Bradley-Palmer State Park; but what a perfect way to celebrate the official beginning of the season! The nice thing about this park is […]

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Morning Mass

Bella and I made it to mass this morning at the Carmelite monastery that is just down the street from our new apartment. What a wonderful way to start the day. I love seeing all the Carmelite nuns with the joyful faces as they receive communion. I love hearing their sweet voices as they sing. […]

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Let them play

Via Jimmy Akin, a story on the importance of play: “Too little nature, too much television; there is evidence showing that this leads to attention difficulties. For each hour of television watched per day by pre-schoolers, there is a 10 per cent increase in the likelihood they will develop concentration problems and symptoms of attention […]

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Where’s the Diaper?

Last night was much better. Only one wake up, at 4:30, and she went back to sleep after crying for five or ten minutes. But when I went in a 6:30 to a happy, chatty baby, I was a bit surprised. She was playing with her blankets and stuffed animals so I didn’t notice at […]

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Where’s the Soul?

Melissa Wiley reposts an excellent article that asks the big question: what is all this emphasis on standards, testing, academic performance, and “No Child Left Behind” doing to kids’ souls: The present emphasis on testing and test scores is sucking the soul out of the primary school experience for both teachers and children. So much […]

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Last night was not a good night to say the least. Bella seems fine during the day; but at night it is clear she’s still not comfortable in the new place. Yesterday she only took one nap and a short one at that, interrupted when something fell in the bathroom, blown over by the flapping […]

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