Why Does the Baby Have a Dish Towel on Her Head?


Because she has to have at least one drawer in the kitchen that she can rummage in at will. (I think it’s in the contract.) And that drawer naturally contains dish towels and plastic lids.

Because she strews the house with my clean dishtowels and carries armfuls of them into the living room (and incidentally wipes the kitchen floor with my nice clean dishtowels and wipes her face too).


Because when I asked her to put it back in the drawer, that was too complicated an instruction. She can handle it when we’re in the kitchen near the open drawer; but not in the living room. Therefore she handed me the dishrag.

Because, being in a silly mood, I put it on my head. And then put it on her head.


And thereafter when it fell off, she tried to put it back on her head.

And it looked cute.


*I’m the English teacher some parents hate. I tell their kids it’s ok to begin sentences with “because”. And with “and”.

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