salmon cakes with cilantro-lime mayonnaise

salmon cakes with cilantro-lime mayonnaise

i just added a new recipe at our cooking blog, In the Kitchen with Bella. I’m very proud of the way this one came out. One of my most successful experiments yet!

It quite makes up for the pumpkin muffins I made this morning. I overfilled the cups and thus the muffins overflowed in the oven, creating a smoky mess, and then I removed them a bit too soon and they fell in with huge craters.

But the salmon cakes were really good. Go read the recipe here

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  • As long as the child isn’t hurt, it’s okay to laugh. I’ve seen Rachel fall off an ottoman, stand up, and look around with the expression, “I meant to do that.”
    I’ve seen The Boy having a tantrum and turn to throw himself against the wall, only to smack his forehead on the (cool) oven door handle. I about hand to chew off my tongue to keep from laughing, but I managed to choke out, “Maybe this tantrum isn’t what you want to do.”

    As far as catching it on film, there’s a reason America’s Funniest Home Videos is on reruns.

  • Melanie, Cecilia started doing the same thing a couple of months ago. She only began throwing her head recently as a fun activity but hopefully that has stopped as she found out the hard way she can’t do it everywhere without getting hurt. But when she doesn’t get her way she will stomp her feet and wave her arms and turn in circles…it is quite humorous to watch. Unfortunately if we start laughing she is so happy over the attention she continues her charade until we get bored. On the plus side she tends to forget why she was throwing a tantrum in the first place. I’ll be happy if she is done with the head throwing thing.

  • occasionally terri would throw herself on the ground and hammer away with fists and feet… but more often would stand rigid and quiver…… as if every muscle was so upset her whole body shook… worried about the teeth breaking from being clenched so hard!

    The most classic was when she first saw Tim in my arms at the hospital… she shrieked, threw herself down on the floor, beating at the hospital floor with all extremeties and wailing…

    Now THAT was so classic, we couldn’t help exploding in laughter…

    Now one of the boys would bang their head on the wall occasionally… just don’t remember which!

  • Yep got one who did it A LOT!  Kole would bang his forehead and cry so hard that he tried to vomit!  At first I was horrified but then I realized it was just another tactic kids use to get their way.  I found out in foster care parenting classes that they will cry, throw a fit and if you ignore them like you’re supposed to do some kids get really mad and try to choke themselves on their spit.  He totally did that.  I just ignored it and cleaned up the spit up after he was finished freaking out.  Those little boogers! LOL

  • My younger brother used head-banging in his tantrums often.  As he was between 50 and 75 lbs between ages 2 and 3, it was something you DID NOT want to be in the way of.  (He is now a 6’4”, 240 lb 16 y/o)  I had to restrain him in the car one day, and he swung that head back, connected with my forehead, and almost knocked me unconscious.  My dad and stepmom actually strapped a bike helmet onto his head when he started so that he couldn’t hurt himself so easily.  Eventually, I started leaving the room whenever he started banging, and he got tired of chasing me and trying to throw the tantrum at the same time. 

    My first one actually doesn’t throw tantrums.  She just gets whiney.  I’m not sure which is worst.  Since the baby and she are polar opposites, I’ll probably find out in a year or so.

  • You’re a terrific mother. I was so stressed when my oldest hit the two tantrums. Now I get such a kick out of my littlest one doing this sort of thing. I could have relaxed a lot sooner.

  • Thanks, Suzanne,

    Sometimes Dom and I feel like the rawest of the newbies; but sometimes, I have to admit, we also feel like our attitudes are much more like those of the parents of many kids. I think it’s perhaps a bit because we’re older, a bit because we’re both used to being around kids, and a bit because we just have laid-back personalities. Most of the time I don’t see any sense in getting too worked up about things. I think if you’re able to laugh at an unavoidable or uncontrollable situation it makes life much easier.