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In the Yard

On a hot, 90-something degree afternoon in late June Isabella just had to go outside to play. Fortunately, our new house has a nice, big yard for her to roam in. And a nice, big, shady tree for mama to sit under. Bella’s favorite occupations: picking up sticks, swinging them, hitting stuff with them; holding […]

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Bella moods

Sweet: When Bella wakes up screaming and I go to get her. And she continues screaming as I pick her up. But then as I turn, she sees the San Damiano crucifix I just hung over her crib and points at it. (Did I mention her new thing is pointing?) and says sweetly, “Sheesus.” Yes, […]

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Bella’s favorite perch

I love the fact that in our new place the windows are so much lower. Bella can actually stand at them and peek outside. I put her little chair in front of the window in the dining room to facilitate her people gazing. One nice thing about being on a busy corner with the ice-cream […]

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Because it’s bugging me

I hate it when people leave comments in blog posts that are off the main topic. But that rule is warring with the angst I feel when people get history wrong. So, rather than leave an inappropriate comment, I’ll just write about it on my own blog, get it out of my system where it […]

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Who’s Da Momma?

Dom found this very, very, laugh-out-loud, be-sure-you aren’t-drinking-any-milk-because-you-might-spray-your-computer-screen, funny blog. For example, there’s the flower girl story. I don’t remember when I’ve laughed so much. And yet she can be incredibly sweet and thoughtful and capture the bitter-sweet heart of motherhood too: It hit me then, the imperfection of it all. Oh Ren, I wish […]

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Sleeping Bella

Because sometimes, as a parent, you just have to take pictures of your adorable sleeping baby. Who isn’t such a baby anymore. Look at her there in her front-facing, big-girl car seat! Bella with the strap of her sun hat in her face. (That’s last Sunday’s church bulletin in her lap.) Bella falls asleep clutching […]

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An Unfortunate Discovery

On the enthusiastic recommendation of a good friend, I’ve read the first two books of Lemony Snickett’s Series of Unfortunate Events and, while I found them amusing, didn’t see what all the fuss was about. After reading this excerpt from a New York Times piece (unfortunately no longer available without paying a fee), I’m not […]

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What’s so great about having kids?

Gerald asks the question. It’s an honest one. A single child of single children, he doesn’t know any kids, doesn’t have friends who have kids. He knows all the objective answers, Church teaching, etc. But he wants the subjective stuff, what is your experience of parenthood? Here’s the answer I posted. Feel free to drop […]

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