Yummy Pho

Yummy Pho

After looking at an apartment on the other side of town this morning, we decided to stop by one of our favorite restaurants, a pho place that we don’t go to very often because it’s a little too far to drive. I had a huge bowl of beef noodle soup and a coconut shake (they were out of my favorite, avocado).

The hostess/waitress was nice but a little distant. Until, that is she saw me dropping noodles into Bella’s mouth. I think she was a little surprised that our baby was eating spicy beef satay soup. Bella also becomes very talkative after she’s got a full belly and so was really putting on the charm. She flirted outrageously with the chef when he walked through the dining room, giving him some of her best smiles.

If we take the apartment we were looking at, one of the big advantages will be that we’re much closer to this and several other restaurants that we love.

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  • Thanks so much. I love the link such a great collection of images. I’ve seen it before, but love the reminder.

    In fact, I think I posted the same link in the comments to an earlier post (one of the ones on Theology of the Body) when a commenter asked about finding images of Our Lady of La Leche.

    I only wish I could find a source for prints of some of the images. I’d love to hang them on my walls. I have two little postcards I got in Italy, but I think you can never have too many pictures of Our Lady.