Gifts of the Spirit

The gift of understanding shows us the riches of the Faith with greater clarity. The gift of knowledge enables us to judge created things in an upright manner, and to keep our heart fixed on god, and on things insofar as they lead us to him The gift of wisdom enables us to comprehend the unfathomable wonder of God, and it urges us to seek him in preference to all other things, amid our ordinary work and obligations. The gift of counsel points out the paths of holiness to us—God’s Will in our ordinary daily life—encourages us to choose the option which most closely coincides with the glory of God, and the good of our fellow man. The gift of piety inclines us to treat God with the intimacy with which a child treats his father. The gift of fortitude uplifts continually, helping us to overcome the difficulties which we inevitably meet on our journey to God. The gift of fear induces us to flee the occasions of sin, resist temptation, avoid every evil which could sadden the Holy Spirit, and to fear above all the loss of the One whom we love, and who is the reason of being of our life.

In Conversation With God Vol 2: Lent and Eastertide

This quote shamelessly stolen from Julie D., the Happy Catholic.

Of course, I know all the gifts of the Spirit, I learned them in school. But until I read this, I’m not sure I really understood what they were all about. This is the best explication I’ve ever read.

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