A Bouquet of Beautiful Babies

A Bouquet of Beautiful Babies

Ok, the title’s a bit misleading, not all of these links are to pictures of babies. But most of them are. And “Videos That Made Me Cry” seemed like a lame title for a blog post. I started this post last month and then never finished it. But Dom linked to one of these videos and reminded me of all the others I wanted to gather and post. It’s just a collection of videos and slideshows, all of which brought tears to my eyes. And beautiful pro-life, pro-family messages.

Loving Zeke
Zeke’s Gift is the story, here is the accompanying video slideshow. Caution, the video contains some sensitive images that may not be appropriate viewing for young children or even sensitive adults. Read the story first then decide whether to watch the video.

The Face of Down Syndrome
A slideshow: here. Beautiful!

The Face of Cystic Fibrosis

99 Balloons

(Several of these were linked to by Danielle Bean. Others from various sources I’ve now lost track of.)

Something to Say
Two videos here, both lovely. Please take the time to read Heather’s commentary as well.“I Have Something to Say”. (And then say some prayers for Heather who is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.)

Happy Birthday
And finally, forwarded from my mom a video: Happy Birthday.
I’m not really into rap, but this was cool. It takes a big man to stand up and admit he made a mistake.

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  • You have my prayers; we’ve been through similar scenarios.  Moving is always a hassle, and when it isn’t your decision, it gets more complicated.  But it sometimes happens that it is a blessing in disguise.  I’ll pray that the job and housing situation will soon be resolved.