“Single for the Sake of God’s Kingdom”

“Single for the Sake of God’s Kingdom”

Yeah, what she said.

Adoro te Devote write about vocations, the single life, here that I thought fit really well with what I said here in response to the discussion at Danielle’s blog. Here’s an excerpt from the always eloquent Adoro:

I once spoke with a priest regarding this, and his position is that there is no call to the Vocation of Singlehood. If one is not a priest or religious, then by default, one must be called to marriage. I considered this seriously, but upon a great deal of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that he is wrong. There are many people God has not called to either; does that mean that they will not come into full personhood if they do not go through a specific committment ceremony, be it Ordination or formal Vows? I can’t believe that. I think this priest has missed something somewhere. Like everyone else, he means well, but he is forgetting that God has his own designs upon each life…and those who are “set aside” perhaps have another role to fulfill, no matter how humble or sublime.

I am single, I’m soon to be a year older, and I’m still not married. I don’t think I’m called to religious life, and truth be told, I haven’t figured out why I’ve been given the great gift of life. But I know, even if I remain single for life, God has a plan, He has always had a plan, and it is my job to seek his will and rely entirely upon him, making my way as I am able. That reality would not change even if I took Vows, for we all live our lives in reference to God.

If I may be so bold as to make a request; for those of you who are married, please do not suggest to your single friends and acquaintances that they have only two choices. To do so is to undermine God’s will for them and send them upon a spiritual wild-goose chase. Just love us, be our friends, and be willing to be there for us in proxy for our families if we have none present. For those of you who are priests and religious, I say the same, although your role is a bit different with regard to how you respond to and guide us. Perhaps your role is to, not only to serve as “family” in whatever way you can, but to assist us in connecting with families in the same spirit of “adoption” shown by God to us all.

The greatest ministry to a Single is to affirm us in our Vocation, even if it is only temporary, help us to live it out to the fullest, and include us in whatever way you can. Sometimes you are the only family we have.

Read the whole thing here.

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